Ruby in Corvallis

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    1. cowboycoffee 78 months ago | reply

      very clean! what are the details?
      please post a pic of the back?

    2. emurray 78 months ago | reply

      damn. just damn.

    3. JoelJohnson 78 months ago | reply

      CowboyCoffee: 1975 2002 with a Weber 32/36 and some minor suspension work. No rust. Broken odo but probably nearing 200k miles. Just was repainted on the outside with original BMW Malaga. Very nice original interior with a few discolorations on the liners but generally in good shape. And has an MP3 player jack on the stereo (which needs some serious mounting love).

      It's got some rough edges. I think the carb needs to be tuned or the electrical system may be giving trouble. It's dieseling a bit when I turn it off sometimes, plus it detonates a little during low idling. I don't know anything about carbs, though, so it's time to learn!

    4. yarnivore 78 months ago | reply

      Ruby is a beaut! Have fun!

    5. vveneziani 78 months ago | reply

      great looking ride, treat it well

    6. cowboycoffee 78 months ago | reply

      i did the 32/36 conversion on mine. SO much better. This book helped a lot:

      also, i did the electronic ignition upgrade. That was huge. So easy too.

    7. Howard Dickins 78 months ago | reply

      I *really* don't like beemers. BUT.... this is sweet.

    8. The Life of Bryan 78 months ago | reply

      I've always wanted one of those. Very nice.

      Are those 8v VW GTi wheels?

    9. wiskinator 78 months ago | reply

      That is a really interesting method of deleting the "diving board" bumpers that the US gov't saddled on your '02.

    10. uxbdigger 78 months ago | reply

      Unless you garage it (or live in the suburbs and never have to parallel park), I STRONGLY recommend getting some bumpers. As much as it may look uglier, its still better than a beaten body. Take it from experience. Nice VW snowflakes.

    11. Honad 75 months ago | reply

      What a great car!

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