Google Street View Time Lapse

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A while ago, I had an idea for a website that automatically creates time lapse videos of drives through cities using images from the Street View feature of Google Maps. This is a rough example of what it might look like.

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  1. that igster 60 months ago | reply

    Hello. I've only just seen your vid, but you might be interested to see what I've done with time lapse google streetview footage here in London.

    Hope you like.

  2. mdshaub 59 months ago | reply

    Have you seen this site? Automating this with a screen capture program was my 1st instinct. Glad to see a proof of concept to know how cool it would be. Thanks!

  3. that igster 59 months ago | reply

    That's a very cool site.

  4. swilsonmc 58 months ago | reply

    What a great thread! I was looking for this very discussion about this time last year. Here's a basic explanation and instructions I put together last year on how Google compiles their panoramas. I never did get to finish it up.

    Nathan de Vries (balloon in sock) has done it! Your implementation is just was I had in mind (though I was thinking of using CURL), but I would be very interested in seeing how you did it using Ruby.

    Nathan, any chance you'll throw out your code to us chirping finches?

  5. Chris Devers 57 months ago | reply

    Fun idea, nice to see others have thought of it too :-)

    Here's one of approaching Boston from the north:

  6. Novomir 57 months ago | reply

    Awesome video!

  7. Chris Devers 57 months ago | reply

    Here's one of driving around New York City :-)

  8. Chris Devers 57 months ago | reply

    Also, I've set up a Flickr group if anyone wants to post more of these, though with a 90 second limit, I can see where more of them would be likely to end up on Vimeo or YouTube.

  9. Pop ~ icon 57 months ago | reply

    We'd love to see this our group.. Google Street View Photography

  10. goya.lin 57 months ago | reply

    I want to see a 3D driving simulator (2D already exists). Actually it will be a better driving experience because the driving path will be constrained on the road, not like the 2D one you will drive all over the places including on top of the buildings.

  11. Gary Boodhoo [deleted] 55 months ago | reply

    awesome. I know this commute well, prefer looking at it on Google Maps where it somehow appears more real. lol

  12. billy rennekamp 55 months ago | reply

    did this back in january looped on a clover near where i grew up in kentucky:

  13. ertdredge 52 months ago | reply

    Google has a physical setup to play back their movies, screens all around you flipping through the views the camera apparatus takes. They were showing it off at the Google developer's conference in 2009, very cool to stand in.

  14. joshuapaul 50 months ago | reply

    street view is made with still with from video capture to start with - here are some clips:

  15. hillbilly ca 44 months ago | reply

    Great idea; I though of the same idea when I manually walked through a route in Florence from Chianti. But a few enhancements would be nice:
    1. be able to choose the fast frame rate,
    2. translate local signage into English and pop up info frames such as speed cameras, bus lane signs, zones of limited trafffice (especially now in Europe)
    3. slow down at major movements -- turns, roundabouts, etc.
    4. be able to pause and fast forward.
    5. show the map view in a small window so you can get a sense of the map location to the fast frame video.

  16. digiday 41 months ago | reply

    HI joelaz,

    You said you recorded this as a screencast... can I ask what software you did this with... I am trying to find out about desktop recorders and/or video software that handles Google Earth's .kmz or .kml files.


  17. kwkmedia 39 months ago | reply

    Brilliant work! Totally needs to be a part of 'directions' function. Have you figured out an API for automating that?

  18. alanflai 33 months ago | reply

    Great idea. I make something similar.

  19. spartybrutus 24 months ago | reply

    Great Effort! As a recreational bicycle rider, I would use this often to "pre ride" potential routes in my or other cities. Now that Google maps has biking directions, it would be a sweet addition. Thanks again.

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