April Snow in Red Square

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    Winner in the 2008 PDN World In Focus Photo Contest

    The last roll of film that slid between the lens of my M6 and me on the last day of a 3 week trip around the world. 47 rolls in total :)

    More from the series can be found here: www.joelaron.com

    I woke on April 6th to rain. It was my last day in Moscow, and I was planning on staying up all night to head to the airport at 2:30am. I grabbed my camera, and made my way through the Metro to Red Square.. the only safe place in town. When I got out of the station at the square, I noticed the rain was slowing down, as if everything was entering slow motion. It was the rain forming into snow before me. The one thing I wanted to happen, had. Snow in Red Square.

    I got to the square, and started shooting. After almost 3 hours of being outside shooting, it was almost 6pm when the crowds disappeared, and I got the shot I wanted. The snow was dropping heavy, and painted the sky white. My hands were frozen, and I was getting worried about my little mechanical camera...but she was colder than i was, and doing fine.

    Within minutes, the sun broke, and the snow stopped...and I was in a coffee shop getting warm.

    Developed as soon as I got home. Film had gone through a total of 5 x-ray machines, as I had carried around my Delta 100 for the entire trip. It's the most stable under x-ray eyes. I cringed when I pulled the neg off the spool, and saw this run of shots looking dead black, then when it dried, I saw the little white spots that I knew would be people... :) phew!

    Ilford Delta 100
    Tmax Dev 1:4 = 6.5minutes - agitation every min for 10 seconds
    16bit scan @ 5K with 8x10 output : Nikon 9000 ED

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    1. The Polaroider 60 months ago

      Breathtaking, I love it :-)

    2. evatxu 60 months ago


    3. Hueyatl 59 months ago

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    4. darlye.▲ 58 months ago

      i love this.
      its just stunning
      the composition
      and the tones
      and i like ur description too
      its filled with detail (;

    5. ligiadelgado [deleted] 57 months ago

      can i say one thing ? WOW!

    6. ERVON ES 55 months ago

      wonderful !

    7. infini [deleted] 55 months ago

      awesome capture, I always liked the red place, even more with the snow :)

    8. Fractured Mind 54 months ago

      this is simply beautiful

    9. artland 54 months ago

      This is a wonderful shot!
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    10. Snaps379 52 months ago

      Great shot! Worth getting cold for.

    11. JebbiePix 49 months ago

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    12. tallawah75 46 months ago

      beautiful compo..

    13. JebbiePix 46 months ago

      Now this is artwork!

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    14. Desitins Child 43 months ago

      Keep coming back to look at this. A classic.

    15. -clicking- 39 months ago

      Great atmosphere! Stunning capture!

      Eu vi sua bonita foto em/
      I saw your beautiful photo in:
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    16. JebbiePix 36 months ago

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    17. gianfranco.meano 28 months ago

      Superb shot!


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    18. Real Cowboys Drive Cadillacs 28 months ago

      I miss Red Square. It has been nearly 12 years since I have been in Russia and I need to go back someday. I love your photo. To me, it just represents the coldness of the old Soviet Union and the Cold War. Bravo on an excellent capture! :-)

      This image has been awarded...
      “The Cadillacs of Photography” Award!
      Congratulations! :-)

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