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a nice evening to be barefoot in the grass, spreading dandelions all over the place :)


So after yesterday's post about fears and how I feel that one day I'm going to get over my bird fear. That exact thing happened. While I was walking home from taking this photo I came across a bird with a broken wing on the ground. I didn't know what to do but I couldn't just leave it there. After a few minutes I just took a deep breath and picked it up in my hands and carried back to my house, granted I was saying one long continous "ohgod ohgod ohgod" the whole time....but still....I knew that it was supposed to be the time for me to get over this stupid bird fear. Right now the bird is outside my door, in a box with some food and water and some fabric to keep it warm....I'm hoping it makes it through the night.


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Taken on June 13, 2012