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Kind of a reflection on how I've been feeling lately, running low on motivation and trying to manage my time a bit more effectively before I burn out. I feel like there are so many things that I want to do and so many opportunities out there but I'm kind of scattered and not knowing how to direct my energy in the right places.

Here's hoping it's just a fleeting thing and that soon I'll feel like myself again!

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  1. SarahStar7 39 months ago | reply

    WoW..we all have those "moments" or "those kind of days" but you turn them into amazing art..impressive and inspired..hope things feel "sorted out" soon!

  2. Cameron Skinner 39 months ago | reply

    whoa?! trippy... really cool though!

  3. Kervin R. 39 months ago | reply

    I rerally admire your work

  4. Miss March (LeeAnn) 39 months ago | reply

    Beautifully done, as always. I know that feeling, that lack of motivation or sometimes lack of insipiration... but don't worry, it will pass. Don't push it or rush it, just let it come back to you in it's own time and it will come back in all it's glory. :-)

  5. AyAnPhotography 39 months ago | reply

    Fantastic! This is so good!

  6. My Affliction 39 months ago | reply

    wow wow wow this is stunning!

  7. Sheri's Expressions 39 months ago | reply

    Right on!!! Great advice!
    Your shots are always amazing and don't forget the fact that you inspire so many, many people around the world. Learn to take it easy on yourself and enjoy every day, every moment, which I think you will. Happy Holidays!

  8. jackieibragimov 39 months ago | reply

    Joel you are amazing and one of the few people that can channel the feeling of "burning out" into something productive and creative. When I'm burnt out I just splouch on my bed and procrastinate. I procrastinate for four hours. That's four hours of internet surfing! And youtube surfing! And googling "Why is the sky blue?"! Just remember to take it one step at a time. Everyday make a list of stuff you wanna, stuff that you didn't get done yesterday and stuff that you could do today or tomorrow. And then just focus on one thing at a time. Don't even look forward for a second. :)

  9. g a b r i e l l e s w i n d l e h u r s t 39 months ago | reply

    Fabulous picture! I have only discovered your stream recently but I am in awe. Even when feeling low and unfocused, you are the most fabulous creator! And I agree with Jackie... lists are the way to go. They always sort of help me put the problems and ideas on a sheet. And all seems sort of more manageable and obvious.

  10. Reemistry 39 months ago | reply

    you are amazing Joel! even when ur feeling down so freaking creative!!
    good luck with everything :)

  11. kaikala7z [deleted] 39 months ago | reply


  12. ~~AragornPrime~~ 39 months ago | reply

    wonderful image; must have hurt to let that hot wax melt on your skin

  13. Hayden Lihou 39 months ago | reply

    I absolutely adore this! The skin burns are brilliantly done.

  14. Danny Linkes 38 months ago | reply

    Oh My God, I Love This, Very Good Idea :)

  15. xovickileeox 36 months ago | reply

    im in love with this

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