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A rather simple shot today as I'm fighting a bit of a cold and I'm lacking in the energy department. The theme of the week them is collections and this is one that continues to grow, each number carries with it emotions and accomplishments. At first I wished that I had enough numbers to fill the whole frame but then I realized that I liked that it was missing some, that just means I'll have to keep running until I can fill my wall with numbers.


The other night while on my now normal 10km run, I started to think about motivation. What makes me run? What makes me want to race, to spend hours pushing myself beyond my limits and run that extra few more miles. Just as I came into the homestretch I found my answer, because I can....more specifically because of those that can't.


My parents have always been incredibly supportive and have always pushed my brothers and I to do what we want. My mom, for the last 30 years has been suffering from a chronic illness that over time has taken her energy, her mobility, her physical strength but not her spirit. I've never seen my mom run, I've never seen her jump or ride a bike. I feel that because someone so close to me is so limited it's only right for me to experience all that I can. I never want to feel that the freedom and strength and opportunity that I've been given was for nothing. Last year right before my marathon started I was talking with a man who was recently diagnosed with diabetes and said he'll run as long as he still can. I think about him every single time I put on my running shoes.


My dad is also a strong person, supporting all of us without asking much in return, working long days to keep us happy and healthy. He and I are a lot alike and there is always one point in every run where I think of him when he was my age and what I'll be like when I'm his age. They are the reason I run. I run because I can, because if the day ever comes when I can't anymore, I want to know that at one time I did.

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Taken on May 12, 2011