Paper Heart

I'm feeling rather....artistically uninspired today. After watching the Hope for Haiti telethons (both U.S. and Canadian versions) last night, I'm finding it hard to feel inspired to take a photo of myself. It seems so trivial in a way, to pose happily in front of the lens while trying to block out the images and numbers that trickle in through tv, internet, radio, and newspapers. I didn't think it would stick in my mind like it has in the last few days.


Last night the Olympic Torch came through my town, while it was a cool moment to see a bit of olympic history, it was also rather mind-boggling to see how much money was spent on a few hours for the ceremony, such a stark contrast between the energy of the torch relay and the emotions of the haiti telethons...


TRP: Hands

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Taken on January 22, 2010