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Peter Pan Never Really Liked Tinkerbell In The First Place | by Boy_Wonder
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Peter Pan Never Really Liked Tinkerbell In The First Place

My spin on Peter Pan for =the vent's= Twisted Fairy Tales Week.


Sooooo....I've been tagged like 30 times for the "10 facts" thing going around (it's like a flu, being spread around Flickr). I suppose it is my time to share a few little tidbits about mysef (although what DON'T you already know?)


1. My first celebrity crush was Sandra Bullock after seeing Speed.

2. I don't really like chocolate at all.

3. I've always had weird depth perception issues resulting in many bumps and crashes into tables, doorways, and chair legs.

4. I walk to and from work everyday.

5. I've lived off of my bike for 2 consecutive summers, carrying only essentials and travelling over 2000km each summer.

6. I'm engaged (and have been since 2007) but don't have immediate plans for a wedding

7. My favourite smells are vanilla, fresh mandarin oranges and coffee beans.

8. If I could have a dog it would be a scottish terrier

9. One of my cousins was one of the first female Olympians in Snowboarding.

10. As does my new friend Brynne, I have a sensory disorder called Color Synesthesia (specifically Grapheme). it's hard to explain but essentially it means that in my mind every number, date, name, month, person, city etc... has a concrete and distinct colour. For instance, Monday is Red, Tuesday is Green, Wednesday is Orange, Thursday is Navy Blue...and so on. For the longest time I thought it was normal until I mentioned to a friend who thought I was crazy and then remembered hearing about it in some magazine so I checked it's funny because when I tell people about I always get tested and asked "what colour is this? what colour is my name?"


so there you have it......more info about me! I won't tag anyone but if you feel like playing, please do!

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Taken on January 7, 2010