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Only the end of the red will show you my blue side

My entry into My Face Is My Canvas Week 11 Emulation week.


I'm kind of freaked out by this actually, if there's anything creeper than a regular clown, it's a sad clown. But in the spirit of the emulation challenge, I decided to push my own comfort level and try it out. Turned out a bit darker than I usually liek to shoot but I kind of like it.


Today I had the biggest guilt trip ever. Back in June I was laidoff from my position at a middle school that I had been at for 2 years. I loved the school and the staff and the students and was a little heartbroken that I had been let go (budget cuts). I ended up with my current position at the high school and I've grown to love it just as much. Last week, my old position was reinstated and I had the opportunity to apply for it....but I didn't. Due to union rules, I wouldn't have been able to start it until next school year which would have meant starting all over again and I just didn't really feel like bouncing back and forth. I received a call from my aunt who I worked with at the middle school asking if I had applied and when I told her no, she didn't really think I had made the best choice and said that everyone would be really disappointed. Argh, just when I think I make the best choice for me I start doubting it.....



MFIMC: Emulation Week 11

Musically Challenged: Blueside by Rooney

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Taken on December 3, 2009