Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not

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I absolutely love "The Lorax". It is such a powerful story and considering it's almost 40 years old, it's still a really relevant message today.

Today is an excellent chance to look back at my own involvement in the "green movement". Two years ago today I completed my first two month bike tour with environmental education group. We biked from Vancouver to Calgary and it was the first time I really felt alive inside. Last year, on this same day, I set off on my second tour with them, this time on the western coast of B.C. and again I felt the passion to keep trying to make the world a better place.

It's idealistic yes, and sometimes people don't like to know the story behind society...where food comes from, how we get our fuel, what happens to our waste, but I really believe that things can get better. Dr.Seuss thought so, why can't I?

TOTW: Nostalgia
TRP: Dr.Seuss
FGR: Painted Faces & Square Crops

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  1. {{Paul - going, going, gone...}} [deleted] 86 months ago | reply

    Don't know why I didn't comment the other day - really great shot. Congrats on explore :)

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  2. MinneSeoul 86 months ago | reply

    Awesome. I love the Lorax!

  3. Dino Maglie 86 months ago | reply

    I love your photos!

  4. Lady Hipo 86 months ago | reply

    amei a interferencia!

  5. stephleupagus 86 months ago | reply

    everything is perfect about this; concept, tones, lighting, use of space, texture and especially the story.. this actually brightened my day. thanks so much for sharing, and keep on rocking in the free world!

  6. nicholas andreadis 86 months ago | reply

    your photostream is magic!!
    great work

  7. Gordana AM 86 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  8. DeepFriedBacon 85 months ago | reply

    This makes me happy...ok know i just realized I commented on only pics that have book references..hmm yeha can you tell i am a book geek..sorry
    But i really love your literary references :)

  9. Alicia Robichaud Creative [deleted] 83 months ago | reply

    Love both photos. Dr. Seuss Rocks!

  10. B Rosen 83 months ago | reply

    oh my god, i love the lorax so much. i recently went back and watched it on youtube. my fav seuss film.

  11. mdvadenoforegon2 82 months ago | reply

    The Lorax vid on Youtube

    Just found it there in 6 parts. A masterpiece.

    Coast Redwoods Stuff

  12. unspaz 82 months ago | reply

    love love love love the lorax

  13. Agnes Periapse 80 months ago | reply

    Oh, delightful. That is actually my favourite Seuss book. I have named my home wifi network ThneedNet.

  14. rachael401 78 months ago | reply

    I whole-heartedly love this picture, everything about it.

  15. Rinis13 74 months ago | reply

    Amazing self. Your work is cool.

  16. ashleyann<3 [deleted] 74 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Painted Tree Lovers <3, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  17. justinkuder 42 months ago | reply

    Oh my god the Lorax!! <3

  18. Dave's Domain 29 months ago | reply

    The Lorax is my friend. Society and technology are very complex and inter-woven in all kinds of details and intricacies. In our quest for the best, we often fail to see the ultimate effects of what we do. Unfortunately, the "green movement" is as guilty of this as anyone else. Balance is hard, but balance is what we must pursue if we are to continue as a civilised society of human beings on this Earth. The Earth will be here in another million years. The question is will WE? And will we be modern or stone-aged?

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