Soul Snatcher

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The Soul Snatcher, Bounty Hunter Raesha Ka-Lia's Ship. Armed with her latest victim's best weaponry, she travels a galaxy hunting, catching, and selling scumbags and nerf herders.

Voting is now open. The Soul Snatcher is in the Ryloth Regionals.

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  1. Brickicep8ntball 41 months ago | reply

    Sick. It's getting harder and harder to come up with unique shapes, but this nails it. Good luck in the contest!

  2. CagedGorrilla 41 months ago | reply

    Nice curves man! At first I thought it looked kinda small, but I saw the windshield and realized it's quite large.

  3. 4estFeller 41 months ago | reply

    Wild! Absolutely love the uniqueness of it.

  4. .Tromas 41 months ago | reply

    This is just amazing awesome! Really uncanny shapes...totally Star Wars-y!!

  5. TenorPenny 41 months ago | reply

    I love the offset cockpit.

  6. justin pyne 41 months ago | reply

    That's some creative curvature. LEGO often revolves around blocky dimensions but you achieved a fairly smooth effect here.

  7. [N]atsty 41 months ago | reply

    I like the crazy shaping !!

  8. Micah G. 41 months ago | reply

    I don't even umm, wow. This is possibly the most interestingly shaped ship I've seen in a while.

  9. Dr. Ilia 41 months ago | reply

    Tremendous Work!

    Congratulations! Your photo is a favourite in
    "The Unforgettable Pictures Group"

    INVITE only & Comment on 2

  10. GreenMoogle 41 months ago | reply

    Nice and bubbly! Very cool work!

  11. Wami Delthorn 41 months ago | reply

    Loving this - great job

  12. aabbee 150 41 months ago | reply

    i hate myself for not seeing this sooner :)

  13. oursblancgroschat 41 months ago | reply

    Hi, I don't know you but you a did a beautiful job...and I think the STAFF vote after the tie-break is TOTALLY unfair. After my Bête Noire ( ;p ) your ship was my favourite. I think I'm gonna have an argue with the FBTB "STAFF" : after a 59/59 tie they gave you a 3/10, it's a joke!
    Very good job, great curves and exciting ship!

  14. Joel.Baker 41 months ago | reply

    ??? It's just as good to see later on ;)

    Glad you like it. I appreciate the sentiment but Zane's ship had a OT/classic feel to it with straight lines and loads of flat dark grey surface area which apparently FBTB staff digs on. Zane's main photo was better than mine. Ideally a tiebreaker would consist of a points vote but Staff vote seems fair enough.

  15. tpcowan 40 months ago | reply

    This is incredibly creative... nice work all around.

  16. pilho 40 months ago | reply

    This is so curvy cool.

  17. Peteris Sprogis 39 months ago | reply

    great flow in the shape >

  18. devianb 29 months ago | reply

    That is a really interesting shape.

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