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Inverse ...

Ok, no nonsense, I accidently reverse stacked the images so the stars are going in clockwise direction for a change :)


The previous day (of this shot) our attempt to shoot star trails was a bit of disaster. Well, you know it was new moon night and all that, but that was no secret. And the park rangers were out at the same spot with telescopes the size of old canons, showing the constellations, nebulla and planets to public.


So we got distracted, did some telescope peeping on our own and by the time we got to some place for our star trails setup it was already darn late and to make it worse there were headlights and head lamps bumping on to the view. It was so cold out, that we were stomping around, circling each other to keep the toes warm...


As always you need to realize the mistakes and improvise. So the next day we deliberated over where we could head that's easily accessible by car, where others won't go around in the night poking their heads and can get good compositions... and that lit a bulb... Artists drive !! ... who would want to take an off side road in the middle of the night that took you no where ? ... us ofcourse !! and soon we were off ...


As can be seen, the results were pretty productive. The idea was as always to catch a quick nap in the car while the camera kept shooting, but when you are in geek company it seldom happens.. but we did get a few minutes of shut eyes before we ventured out and shut off the timers. At least I don't remember having to get into an argument about the ethics of eating lion burgers (don't ask) or whether having a dog qualifies you for a car pool etc, etc ...


If you have seen my previous work on star trails, you will see a notable improvement. That's because I did a lot more hardwork this time, some research and cerebral experiments :)


The main difference is this time I did not use startrails.exe, but added each layer manually over the next one while reducing the opacity.


I'm still researching on getting an easier way to do this ... so time permitting, sometime end of next month, expect a tutorial on it :)


This is a composite of 21 Images, each shot at ISO 800, 16mm at f4.0, 5 mnts exposure orchestrated by a Canon TC 80N3 intervalometer.


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Taken on December 25, 2011