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    vacation - day five, part one - seattle

    before we left on this vacation, we were looking at maybe going to theexperience music project in seattle. then, a few days before we left, chris saw that they were having a jim henson exhibit that ended on the 16th. so, we made sure we were there first thing sunday morning so we wouldn't miss it! rob, chris & i hopped on a bus from the tacoma dome in to seattle. it was packed and chris & rob had to stand. there was an empty seat, but the girl whose bag was on it was sound asleep, so i didn't even try to sit down. then, another woman was huffing & puffing about how crowded the bus is on the weekend, but finally moved all of her stuff so i could sit. she grumbled and fidgeted and seemed irritated most of the way there. but we chatted a little bit. turns out she is originally from freehold, new jersey. shocking! leave it to me to be seated next to the east coast attitude all the way out in the easy, breezy pacific northwest. =)

    anyway, we made it in to downtown seattle, took the monorail to the seattle center for kicks and waited outside the emp for a few minutes before they opened. once they opened, we made a beeline for the henson exhibit, which was super cool. chris & i even got to play with some muppets! mine was kurt cobain and chris had a crazy drummer with blue hair. i can't remember what song we played along to. was it a funky muppet-rock version of "it's not easy being green?" i'll have to check with chris or rob on that one.

    after we had our fill of the muppet covered furry walls and all of the great items they had on display, we went back and went through the music side of things and then the sci-fi area, too. it was all pretty cool. i'm glad we went.

    we had a bite to eat at the seattle center, watched some kids play in the international fountain while i waited for my ride for the second half of this great day. stay tuned.

    portland/seattle set here

    1. macy has left the building 102 months ago | reply

      nice shot of emp, glad you are enjoying Seattle!

    2. jodi*mckee 102 months ago | reply

      we're back in nyc now, but we enjoyed seattle quite a lot!

    3. this is my normal volume level 102 months ago | reply

      jealous of your muppet time! jim henson was the man.

    4. jodi*mckee 102 months ago | reply

      we weren't going to do it at first, since it was kind of aimed at the younger kids. but i am so glad that we did! it was totally fun!!

    5. auntsmack4u 102 months ago | reply

      you are not picking on jersey . are you ?

    6. jodi*mckee 102 months ago | reply

      maybe just a tiny bit. ;)

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