like a rustic fairy tale

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    seriously. whose job is this? and how can i assist them?

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    1. capsizing 67 months ago | reply

      can't imagine that would be comfortable to wear, but it makes for a great display!

    2. Flo's Diner 67 months ago | reply

      wow. stores in toronto are sorely lacking in display skills such as these.

    3. mintyfreshflavor 67 months ago | reply

      they're pretty awesome there, aren't they.

    4. JolieNY 67 months ago | reply

      Oh! You got it! Fabulous.

    5. leedav 67 months ago | reply

      Hey! I just found out today that there is an Anthropologie in Madison!

    6. tsallam 67 months ago | reply

      I think you need to find out the answers to your questions--and then redirect your ambitions to become that person (not just the assistant). WHAT a fun job it must be.

    7. jcgr 67 months ago | reply

      What fun!

    8. Aunt Teena 67 months ago | reply

      That is a good one!

    9. auntsmack4u 67 months ago | reply

      who would wear that?

    10. jodi*mckee 67 months ago | reply

      i like the way you think anne.

    11. allsmilesgirl 67 months ago | reply

      What the %$@!&!!! I LOVE this!

    12. Lorie McCown 67 months ago | reply

      I agree, I'll take that job! what a great design, can you imagine the brain storm session.."let's see what we can do with roof shingles..hmm" . At first I thought they were used letters! (recycle that junk mail??)

    13. Frameless Formations 67 months ago | reply

      OMG..... wht is it?? :O

    14. DAINTYCROCHETBYALY 67 months ago | reply

      HAHA how can we sit with that!? lol

    15. Ms. Alisha 67 months ago | reply

      If that is who I think it is, he is the most talented guy you'll ever meet. he used to be the visual manager down at the Santa Monica store, but coporate took him for New York. He rocks !

    16. RhiannonDaire 67 months ago | reply

      luuuuuvvvvv anthropologie!

    17. jodi*mckee 67 months ago | reply

      what?! you know him? that is so awesome. how does one become a visual manager?

    18. kimdimsunshine 66 months ago | reply

      freaking amazing!
      how cool would it be to wear this for Halloween?!!!

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