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365.037: more of the same | by jodigreen
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365.037: more of the same

ho-hum. going to have to move to another spot in the house to get a more interesting floor/sock combination.


part of why i'm not obsessing too much about these numbers (aside from the fact that i know i'm really barely overweight at all and am more concerned about halting my previous rate of gain so that i don't find myself in heart attack land in twenty years) is that i fluctuate a lot naturally anyway, usually up and down 5 pounds throughout the week. one thing that's different since i started paying closer attention to food, exercise and this number is that the fluctuations are less, and 149 is now the very top of where i get to rather than in the middle of that 5 pound range. on saturday night i went out to art's birthday party and pigged out on two pints of stout and an absurd amount of barbecue chips, not stopping with the chips until almost midnight. sunday morning i was, bafflingly, down to 146 pounds. explain that one if you can.

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Uploaded on January 21, 2009