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(357439) 2004 BL86 | by jochta
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(357439) 2004 BL86

The large Near Earth Object (NEO) 2004 BL86 passes Earth 3.1 times the Earth/Moon distance away.


Stack of 64 20s exposures with 20s time lapse between them using a QHY22 camera on a 71mm f/4.9 refractor and a CLS filter. Captured from 00:39UT to 01:23UT on 27th January 2015.


North is up and the asteroid was moving upwards at around 9th magnitude. The FOV is 124' x 99'.


The brightest star visible about 1/6 of the way from the bottom of the image to the left of the asteroid is 34 Cancri (magnitude 6.5). The bright star very near the bottom edge to the left of the asteroid track is HIP 41843 (magnitude 6.8).

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Uploaded on January 27, 2015