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The Guide to Being a Good Seller & Buyer | by sasurin
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The Guide to Being a Good Seller & Buyer

The Guide to Being a Good Seller & Buyer

- In an effort to maintain happy and healthy BJD second market -



**Disclaimer: These are my personal opinions gained from personal experiences. I repeat, these are PERSONAL opinions! I do not mean to offend anybody. I just wish to bring the topic out in open for discussion, because I have experienced less than satisfactory transactions more often than ever recently, both as buyer and seller.**



The big part of this hobby depends on trading second hand goods around.

I have joined the BJD hobby since 2007, and have sold and bought in second market countless times.

Over the years, I have dealt with both amazing and shitty sellers and buyers, some were intentional and some were unintentional.

Having said that, I am not perfect either!

I have also made my share of mistakes too. I probably still make these mistakes without knowing.

From those experiences, I have learned so much.

Isn’t that what life is all about, learning from mistakes?

The best we can do is to raise awareness about marketplace etiquettes, and hopefully we can enjoy this hobby even more pleasantly.

So, these are what I believe to be the guide to become a great seller and/or buyer.


Let’s go!





1. Be aware of your responsibility as a seller. Whether you are selling your own products or used products by others, always remember that buyers are paying money to you, and it is your job to deliver good service and product.


2. Be responsive. It is ideal to send reply within 24 hours (or specify timeframe). If you are too busy with everyday life to even reply to a message, you should re-consider selling stuff on the market. Because if you are that busy, you probably don’t have time to ship items either.


3. Be punctual with shipping. It is ideal to ship item within 3 days after a confirmed payments (or specify timeframe). I know sometimes life gets in the way, so the least you can do is to inform the buyer about when you can deliver them.


4. Pack the item as secure as you can. For example, tape all corners of the envelope, bubble wrap the hands and feet separately, bubble wrap each ankles and wrists, bubble wrap fragile items, bubble wrap everything possible, and most importantly, provide extra cardboard box as a shipping box when shipping dolls!!!

You can find cardboards everywhere and make your own box, if you try a little.

Again, a buyer paid money to you, and it is your job to deliver the product safely.


5. Always provide insurance when shipping. If somehow this isn’t possible, always ask buyers if they are okay shipping with no insurance. Without insurance, you should let them know the risks and that you will hold no responsibility on loss/damage during transit.


6. If buyer requests a refund and the item has not been shipped yet, just refund. The buyer may have a good reason or may not. Either way, it is not worth the trouble. You can always find another buyer.


7. Be honest. Provide all the little details about the products you are selling, such as damages, history, and any other information you know. You don’t have to be afraid of not being able to sell the item, because there will always be somebody interested.

(FYI, the item could be in perfect condition and it is possible that no one express interest for a very long time. So the condition of the item is not always the selling factor.)


8. If the buyer is not happy about something, apologize. It does not matter if the problem was unintentional. The point here is, buyer is not happy about something you did. So, apologize sincerely, and provide a solution. If it cannot be fixed, explain why, and apologize.


9. Provide good product photos in good lighting. This will allow you to see condition of the item more clearly, and actually attract more potential buyers.


10. Please understand that being a seller requires a lot of work.





1. Don’t be so fickle. Know what you want before making payment to avoid headaches, troubles, and unpleasant experiences.


2. Be punctual with payment. If the payment will be delayed let the seller know about it.


3. Don’t start layaway if you cannot make the payments. You will most likely end up losing money you’ve already spent.


4. Read the product information carefully! If the information is not sufficient, make sure to ask questions that are important to you. Always remember that everyone has different standard of what is acceptable, so ask for extra photos in good lighting, if necessary.


5. Do not low-ball. It is okay to negotiate price if you think the item is over-priced or you had a reasonable budget in mind. However, know the market average and make suggestion accordingly. Often times, the seller is just an individual who wants to make back the money they spent on hobby. Be reasonable.


6. Provide correct shipping information. Do I even need to explain why?


7. Be responsive. If you placed an item on hold, let seller know even if you don’t want the item anymore. It’s okay to say ‘no longer interested’ or if you ‘need more time to think about it’. Don’t leave them hanging.


8. Before leaving negative feedback, if you are unsatisfied with something, let the seller know in a respectful & reasonable manner. Most likely seller will provide compensation. The angry or passive-aggressive letters will not solve anything.


9. If you are happy with the transaction, it is always nice to hear them too!


10. Be respectful. Often times you are dealing with a real person who just wants to enjoy the hobby like you. Please consider their time and effort as well.



And last but not least, be nice!

This applies to everyone!

BJD community grew and flourished over the years but it is still quite a niche hobby.

So if you act like a jerk, somebody will remember you, and that somebody will also tell their friends about you, which creates drama, and no one likes sappy drama, and kind of kills the joy of this beautiful hobby… yadda yadda.

We don’t want that, do we?



Please leave comments if you want to add something to the list!

You can also share them if you agree!


I wish this serves useful to someone.

I hope this was either a good information for new comers or a good reminder to an existing members.






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Taken on September 3, 2014