WigWag Candy Bar wrapper 1970s

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    The MacIntosh WigWag bar...I loved these as a kid

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    1. opifan 42 months ago | reply

      Oh wow... blast from the past. Thanks for posting this. I loved Wig Wags when I was a kid.

    2. lazysupper 38 months ago | reply

      this. was. rad.

    3. D'Spayre 37 months ago | reply

      Forgot about these. They were wicked

    4. flyersfan15 36 months ago | reply

      Another classic!!! Loved the WIG WAG. Now, the closest thing to it is the Curly Wurly. Can get it in Winnipeg at the Forks in the Candy Train!!!

    5. http://suziethefoodie.blogspot.com 36 months ago | reply

      Didn't this used to have a cowboy on it? Cadbury's Curly Wurly is close but much thinner. I just picked some up at Freak Lunchbox.

    6. lea6983 36 months ago | reply

      No wonder I could never find this, I was calling it a Wig Wam bar!! I never got to have one, but always dreamed I would one day........ :(

    7. niagaradood 35 months ago | reply

      my son's gf just came back from the UK this morning and she brought back a bulk pack of curly wurly bars. when I opened it, I remembered eating these as a kid here in Canada, but the name wasn't familiar. I racked my brain trying to remember the name, and wig wag came to mind. I asked my wife if she remembered that name, and she didn't. but I was right!
      now if only I could get my hands on a pound or 2 of Maple Buds, I'd be in heaven.. lol

    8. goodgoose 30 months ago | reply

      Man I loved these, I would buy 5 of them for 50 cents (10 cents a piece) then they went up to 25 cents each. My all time favourite was the Snack Bar and the $100,000 dollar bar, the latter was only on the shelves for a couple of years - seems everything I like best gets discontinued. Ate a ton of soap candy as a kid too - would buy it at the Woodward's candy counter which had everything you could possibly imagine - candy and chocolate heaven it was. Woodward's had the best malt and hot dog bar and their deli was the best ever. Walking down memory lane is making me hungry.

    9. mikeytintheplacetobe 28 months ago | reply

      You can buy the British version of these, called Curly Wurly, at the Old Tyme Confection shop in Barrie, Ontario. I saw them yesterday and nearly fainted! They're pricy, though, at $2.99 each.

    10. derrickchar 27 months ago | reply

      i wish they wounld bring the wig wag back in newfoundland canada i love thoses bars good i am graving for right now please make them again thank u.

    11. rickr43 21 months ago | reply

      was thinking about this on my way to work and looked it up to see if my memory was failing me and there it is!!! wow, that's exactly how I remembered it as a kid...

    12. barbi66 21 months ago | reply

      You can buy the British version, "Curly Wurly" at the video store in Wasaga Beach (across from Foodland) for the regular price of a chocolate bar.

    13. SnodgerPics 18 months ago | reply

      Love love love love loved this a kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Thanks for sending me back to childhood!!!!!!!!!!

    14. JasonLiebig 17 months ago | reply

      I finally got one of these!

      Canada - Mackintosh's - WigWag - 10-cent chocolate candy bar wrapper - 1970's

    15. Karen @ Wall Flower Studio 15 months ago | reply

      This takes me back! Thanks so much! Loved WigWags.

    16. joad_henry 13 months ago | reply

      Jason man that's awesome! Wow is it clean!

    17. jerry.little83 8 months ago | reply

      Dmm straight loved soap candy from woodwards also their turtle nuggets and their stuffed pork chops in the deli were unreal good.

    18. jerry.little83 8 months ago | reply

      Yep woodwards was the best soap candy turtle nuggets and the deli with the best stuffed pork chops of all time

    19. lilynoire1 8 months ago | reply

      ils en vendent sur e bay au nom de curly wurly de Cadbury

    20. lilynoire1 8 months ago | reply

      ils en vendent sur ebay

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