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It now sits on a shelf in my closet - once upon a time I wore it everywhere - in garrison, in the field (ok, not in the shower). In the field, the cap badge would be tucked on the inside.


Rarely did I ever wear a helmet - only on the rifle range. I kept losing my field caps.


A well formed beret is individualistic.


Against the rules, we would cut out the satin lining - made it easier to shape. Then we would soak them in warm/hot water, and place them on our noggins - fold - smooth - bend - fold. Days before they would get a reasonable shape.


Wear it out in the field - exposed to rain - dust - sun - gunsmoke. Bend - smooth - fold - bend.


Soon it will take on the shape unique to the soldier.


I had one which soon became *very* non-regulation. It had gone from a deep green to brownish green - weather beaten and infused with dust and cordite smoke. The side lay excessively long, below my ear-lobe if I so chose to make it lie like that. In the end - I had to get a new one, and begin the shaping process all over again.


It was more than a simple headcover - I used to hang it off the fire control computer to remind me when the forward observers had control of when the rounds would fly at the target. It held the cap badge - showing that I was a member of a family that spans the globe - a qualified gunner of HM's Royal Regiments of Artillery.

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Taken in May 1990