The Boys (redux)

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    This being one of my more popular photos, I decided to give it a little attention and facelift by cropping the original. I hope you like it. These are my daughter's cats - Squirmy and Screwy (left to right) when they were kittens.

    There has been a lot of traffic on this particular picture and many folks adding it to their favorites. How did you happen to find this picture? I have not done anything recently to promote it and yet it is getting 100 or more new views per day. I'm really curious as to why? Thanks for stopping by!

    Thanks for the link to the blog entry.

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    1. kimberkit 116 months ago | reply

      Awww. They're so cute!! Their little ears. You even got decent lighting. Unfortunately, not quite decent enough, because the detail around their noses is soft. Also, the one on the right's eyes aren't shadowed, but it's not perfect, and it really does have to be startlingly original to be kept in DM, when people keep submitting kitten photos.

      But critique a few more photos, and play again soon!

      -voted as "deleteme10" (from the Delete me! group)

    2. kimberkit 116 months ago | reply

      baboo forgot to tag; I tagged for him. Even if he is a goon about the "eyes being the strongest point" nonsense; it's clearly the ears that are.

    3. Gail S 116 months ago | reply

      So perfect ears...the boys are great.

    4. JMZawodny 116 months ago | reply

      I guess I should have seen that coming. At least it was a quick, clean kill. For those in Deleteme! with useful comments - thanks. To those not familiar with Deleteme! and are just cat lovers, I'm sorry you had to witness my offering of these defenseless kittens to the Deleteme! Wolves.

    5. Buntekuh 116 months ago | reply

      Wonderful photo!
      Happy Furry Friday!

    6. Gail S 111 months ago | reply

      I like the new crop of S & S. Good work.

    7. AprilDreams 111 months ago | reply

      adorable buddies

    8. bindifry 111 months ago | reply

      they are beautiful!

    9. Bill in DC 110 months ago | reply

      And a beautiful pair they are, too. Guess they're more worldly now.

    10. hvoltmer 110 months ago | reply

      The kittens are super cute. I think the increased traffic is due to the fact that there is a thumbnail of the image in a recent Flickr blog posting - At least that's how I found it.

    11. nicw_214 110 months ago | reply

      Why are orange cats always so purty?

    12. Miwa T 109 months ago | reply

      Love your cats! Wanna cuddle them!

    13. Misi... 108 months ago | reply

      :O! so sweeeett!!

    14. rebeccalroxy 91 months ago | reply

      omg i dont realy like cats to tell u the truth but i like these ones lol

    15. Walter von Stolzing 71 months ago | reply

      Forget the negative comments. I am a passionate cat lover & I promise you - this shot is GORGEOUS & so are the 2 cats. Adore the light shining through their ears too! One for me to add to my collection without a doubt!

    16. Atípiko 64 months ago | reply

      Que ricura, me encanta, han salido guapísimos.

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