last piano standing

A vertical piano in relevantly good condition stands against a wall at the formally ornate, but now nearly destroyed St Joseph Byzantine Church in Cleveland, Ohio.






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  • Jonathon Much 4y

    Ira Dick Thank was a great place to shoot. I too was surprised that the color of the rug was relatively bright for being in an abandoned church.
  • Dominik 4y

    Great abandoned place and a nice composition.
    Merry christmas.
  • Gary Minor 4y

    Great shot!
  • 95wombat 4y

    Nice image! Great decay here.
  • Jonathon Much 4y

  • IAISI 4y

    Great find, very impressive composition & shot, i understand that here music stands again destruction
  • Jonathon Much 4y

    IAISI thanks, even in times of dispair there is music - that is how i like to think about it.
  • Steven 4y

    Wow...awesome composition and great perspective.
  • Jonathon Much 4y

    Steven thank you.
  • Bob Gundersen 4y

    This whole series is amazing - someday historians will miss that church. Your pictures of its demise are sad yet fascinating - this one in particular is so as it reminds us of a vibrant human community now gone from the scene
  • Jonathon Much 4y

    Bob Gundersen thanks for your comments.
  • Shawn Johnson 4y

    Love the composition... Great shot. Thanks for sharing.
  • Jonathon Much 4y

  • gianni mazzetti 3y

    nice shot!!
  • Jonathon Much 3y

  • Lana Richard 3y

    It always kills me that they walk out and leave the piano.
  • Matt Shiffler Photography. Com 2y

    Lucky you got in there Jonathon! I am beyond jealous. I walked the exterior and everything is boarded up. I've reached out to the active church next door to get access and can't get ahold of anyone
  • Jonathon Much 2y

    Matt Shiffler Photography. Com yeah, i loved shooting this place...wish i could go back.
  • Elias Wharton 2y

    I love that the piano stands defiantly contrasting the surrounding decay. Very well chosen shot!
  • villainesss 1y

    Actually, that piano had to be from the Baptists that bought the property in the 80s and then abandoned it. Musical instruments were/are tabu in the Byzantine rite. My family belonged to that parish. Lana, it kills me that they walked out and left the church to rot like that. What a sin.
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