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Reyes working on "Familia" Mural at Potrero Del Sol Park

Reyes is working over a series of days (when it's not raining) to complete this entire mural himself. It's a gargantuan undertaking. Watching Reyes work was a delight, as he is obviously experienced and efficient, but takes many moments to step back and consider his next move after looking at the mural as a whole. This means he will have bursts of activity followed by slower, contemplative moments spent a few yards away from his creation, with his head moving from angle to angle, eyes squinting and focusing. The greatness of Reyes work overall is the combined sensations of great planning and loose improvisation. Now he's working with spray cans, but, if this is anything like his other work, he'll spend the final hours working with a brush to add even more of his personality across the wall.


Previously, this wall had been painted with less attractive bubble letters over and over and over again as the park service kept painting back over them each time. Hopefully this mural will lead to an overall savings for the city budget and it will ceraintly make a more inviting backdrop for the family BBQs that often happen just a few feet away...

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Taken on May 30, 2011