I <3 my Ice blue DS

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After some shenanigans, I finally got an(other) Ice Blue DS! My old one broke *sob* And since I got mine when it first hit Japan, it's considered an import. And Nintendo of Canada was telling me I was SOL for repairing the glitchy top screen. *sob*sob*

But thanks to a friend visiting Dubai, I was only without for maybe a month! It was meant to be. Also pictured here is the nifty extendable stylus friends got for me in Japan. My friends... rawk!

On screen: Chocobo Tales. 22 Hours. 100%.

  1. honeypoo 97 months ago | reply

    it's so cute in ice blue!!!!!!!!

  2. Kain Productions 97 months ago | reply

    that's a long stylus..

  3. foodpr0n.com 97 months ago | reply

    hee hee! I know - you'd think I'd be satified with the pink replacement they sent, but noooo.. so I sold that and got this one instead.

    And let me tell you, longer stylus = less cramping

  4. foodpr0n.com 97 months ago | reply

    markus > choco is a really fun game!

    Sifu > ;;_;; 'twas a very sharp bread knife.

  5. vaichevengo 85 months ago | reply

    We'd love to have your photo added to the group VideoGame Life,
    havin fun

  6. foodpr0n.com 84 months ago | reply

    Thanks Vaichevengo!

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