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I have a very ovular head.


When I was little, I had a bowl-shaped haircut and looked much more Chinese, with a much rounder head.


Then I tried parting it on the left and slicking it to my head... with the consequential alfalfa cowlick, everytime.


Then I moved the part to the middle for a little bit and grew it a bit longer - very Jackie Chan, but with much more gel. I fit in well with the all latino high school I went to.


At the time I was keeping hold on the lifetime worth of mustache I had grown to that point - which is still highly regarded as one of the worst decisions I've made growing up.


Jonathan would call me Don Juan.


Then I finally went to a stylist, who said maybe I should part it on the left, because my hair naturally falls to the left. Parting it against the way it normally goes will give it volume. I didn't really care about the science of it, but that was six or seven years ago. I still have the same haircut today.


She also said I should try to cut it more square, because I have a ovular head, and a square top might make it looks less like an egg. But then we found out that my hair grows obscenely fast, so cutting a little longer on the corners eventually grows out to look like wolverine after a few weeks.


Dunno why I felt like telling this story.


Old self portrait from when I got my first dSLR, ballhead tripod, remote, and had gotten a fresh haircut.

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Taken on July 27, 2009