• Loving the DETAIL of the steam! NICE - RICHBRAT
  • My Dad has those exact same ones!
    You're just...borrowing them or... something right?
    I mean...you know..haha, j/k
    So original and H-A-Larious! - Esdras Zarazua


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I don't speak Chinese.
I'm not a Kung-Fu master.
I'm not good at math.

...What's wrong with me!?!

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  1. Danse avec moi :) 54 months ago | reply

    omg.. youre missing an abacus.


    LOL-ing!! ;)

  2. Josh Liba 54 months ago | reply

    R&E: It just hit me.... Domo's face and my grandfather's expression are fairly similar...?

    Jeri: LOL yes. If I had one, it would be there. I don't know how or where I would hold it, but it would be there.

  3. sabrina hanapiah 54 months ago | reply

    haha don't feel so bad.
    i'm asian but i'm not good in math and i can speak English better than chinese...not that i can't speak chinese...

    have you ever considered that maybe you've some secret powers? haha =] I love this photo. keep up the good work.

  4. jk+too 54 months ago | reply

    Like your expression, well done.

  5. bestpanoramas 54 months ago | reply

    Your Flickr photostream is impressive. Keep the good job so I can learn from You. Hi5 from UK.

  6. BDBsWife 54 months ago | reply

    My fam luuuuuvs sushi & all oriental food-this is great....what do they call the steam from the wok>>>> Wok hay?? Luv that capture.

  7. sarah in pisces water 53 months ago | reply

    :-) this is awesome.

  8. photoaddict! [deleted] 53 months ago | reply

    wow :D lovely!!

    did anyone say you look like 潘玮柏。 Pan Wei Buo :)


  9. auxpetitsoiseaux 53 months ago | reply

    ah ah ah !!!! funny!

  10. Josh Liba 53 months ago | reply

    Thank you so much for the comments and visits all!

    Timi: Whoa, that guy DOES kinda look like me. or I look like him. Either way!

  11. SJH Foto 53 months ago | reply

    LOL! I'm remembering how back in school, an Asian kid moved into the area. Without testing him, he was thrown into advanced math, and AP (advanced) chemistry. Turns out he was dumb as dirt! Haha! Actually, sterotypes are annoying and soon we won't have them, but I'd much rather be assumed to be smart than the opposite.

    P.S. What? You don't know Kung Fu? Hehe!

  12. Josh Liba 53 months ago | reply

    SJH: Ha, so true. I recall an episode of Everybody Hates Chris where the coach put him on the Basketball team by default. lol, stereotypes.

    PS. I know a little. Enough to strike an intimidating pose and hopefully they believe my fake. But I'm much better at running away.

  13. SJH Foto 53 months ago | reply

    Who hates Chris?

  14. Josh Liba 53 months ago | reply

    Everybody! :D

  15. SJH Foto 53 months ago | reply

    I mean what is that? It's a show I assume?

  16. Josh Liba 53 months ago | reply

    Oh yeah. TV show. Just got cancelled though. :(

  17. SJH Foto 53 months ago | reply

    I watch so little TV, and mostly it's old shows. I will catch an episode of the new Dr Who when I'm up for it and have time though

  18. JIANG。 52 months ago | reply


  19. Jeniee 51 months ago | reply

    LOL how have I not seen this?! ♥

  20. byJosh 51 months ago | reply

    Hi Josh, this is really funny!! I love the variety on your stream and your sense of humour and of course you have a very cool name!!!! :P
    Thanks for your kind words and I'll be back to take a closer look at your pics. Cheers mate.

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