'Bunny' comics: Covers, Fashion Pages, and more
"She's Hip! She's Mod! She's Boss!"

Towards the end of the Swingin' Sixties, Harvey comics jumped on a bandwagon and produced their own version of an 'Archie' knock-off marketed towards teen-age readers.

Bunny was a happening young super-model, "The Queen of the In-Crowd", who ran with her own pack of groovy and fashionable friends.

The formula might have borne more of a resemblance to Marvel Comics' 'Millie The Model' and others of that crowd than 'Archie' - - with an added dose of the type of fanciful and fetishistic 'playful obsession' scripting found in the other standard Harvey kiddie comics like 'Little Lotta', 'Richie Rich', 'Little Dot' and others.

As with the Riverdale crowd and other 1960's stars of 'teen' comics, Bunny comics managed to give some sort of fun-house mirror reflection on fads, fashion and pop culture of the era.

You can see just a bit more about Bunny and her friends, and read a few of the stories at my linked blog posts:

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and Bunny's Back Pages "

Meanwhile, gathered here in this flickr set are images of some of the colorful covers to the comics (complete with terrible puns), pages of reader-submitted fashion ideas for Bunny and her buddies (accompanied by a zoovilicious array of ultra-mindbashing descriptive adjectives) and a few other bits and pieces.

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