• The unibrow almost redeveloped during vacation. Tweeze ahoy!


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  1. marilink 114 months ago | reply

    doesn't the embarrasment always hurts actually more than the wound itself?

  2. JodiWarren 114 months ago | reply

    You should've totally made up some crazy holiday story to explain that away instead.
    Preferably something to do with people's stereotypical ideas about asian cultures...
    Something like a fight with ninjas or something.
    Ideally wearing the hat from your last pic.

  3. ThatClaw 114 months ago | reply

    hey, this is christine from HK. remember the appetizer we had for lunch? (with headcheese-like beef, as you put it) that other elasticband thing seafood was jellyfish, not clam. =P

  4. Anthony Baker 114 months ago | reply

    Very cool to hear so many people were concerned when you whacked yourself. And, as noted, embarassing as hell. Nice to get a photo for posterity, however.


  5. benkay 114 months ago | reply

    I saw that, and then a few days later, followed it with this.

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