Grilled chicken with garlic and pepper

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    1. shawngross 114 months ago | reply

      haven't you been concerned about getting sick from eating meats, ice and street vendor food?

      when i went last winter, my tour guide (my mother!?) told me i'd be a strick vegetarian for 2 1/2 weeks. still a great time, but i missed out on all these delicacies.

      what's your secret?

    2. Monkey Man 114 months ago | reply

      The secret is simple: don't be a pussy ;-)

      I just got back from there with my gf and we ate with wild abandon. Had a great time, no illness.

    3. scottpartee 114 months ago | reply

      looks like it got him, in the end.

    4. megnut 114 months ago | reply

      We both got a little upset stomach, but nothing I'd call "sick". And I'd do it all again. It was worth it to eat the yummy street food. It's all part of the experience.

    5. shawngross 114 months ago | reply

      note to self: travel w/gf next time not mother. thx.

    6. scottpartee 114 months ago | reply

      oh, that's good y'all didn't get sick. Personally, I'm in *your* camp: i devour all food when I travel, so long as it's not downright dangerous (as in, killing me). This is why I ate the raw beef and whale in Iceland, and why, when I ever get to Thailand, I will delight in innumerable street treats.

    7. scottpartee 114 months ago | reply

      Oh, and that reminds me of a book that I think you'd enjoy. It's called Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet and it's about the "Mekong Delta" cuisine. Basically, the idea is that the Mekong Delta is a culinary region much like the Mediterranean. The regions cook differently, but the raw materials are very similar. Anyway, there's an anecdote in there of doing some rural travel and getting served freshly minced raw pork and enjoying it (to the delight and shock of the locals). Here's a link to the book, for future reference.

      Oh, and, sorry, I thought I was posting this in Meg's stream. but you'd probably still like this book -- great for planning an eating tour of SE Asia, I would think: Mekong River from China, Burma and Thailand, then through Laos, Cambodia and South Vietnam

    8. tim7423 114 months ago | reply

      been living in Bangkok for 4 months and the street food is not unhealth at all. make sure the pull it from a cooler and watch them handlethe food if your scared. I don't drink tap water but then I don't drink it in the western world either.

    9. llrrrpp [deleted] 113 months ago | reply

      Look at how they prepare the food: if the raw ingredients look fresh and everything is cooked until it's really hot there's no harm. I've only gotten really ill once in Thailand. At a tourist's coffee shop, from a "Mango Smoothie" Death Mangoes. I also have eaten the raw form of larb. minced raw beef, and raw oysters. Years later, and I'm still ALIVE and kicking. And I'm going back next week. YAY! Oh, yeah, and my parents were fine eating street food too. Dad got sick from eating American Breakfast at the hotel with a very rare pork sausage (Why DID he eat it?-- I think he did it to piss Mom off).

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