Pork uterus

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    Of all the unusual foods I've seen in Chinatown, pork uterus ($2.99/lb!) is the winner.

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    1. lia 92 months ago | reply

      so what's meg making for dinner?

    2. JeroenJeroen 92 months ago | reply

      The Duck Feet, ofcourse :)

    3. JosephGrossberg 92 months ago | reply

      At least buy Uterus a drink first.

    4. Trent S. 92 months ago | reply

      Stephen Colbert attempted to purchase pork uterus in Chinatown on an old Daily Show.

    5. Tabbulous 92 months ago | reply

      Have you seen pork blood tofu yet?

    6. beelzebuddha 92 months ago | reply

      Tasty... almost as tasty sounding as the tray of fried chicken feet behind it. Why didn't you include the pork in the shot?

    7. my_turn_a_space 92 months ago | reply

      the pork uterus is enjoyable more on the crispy texture instead of its taste... the thing basically have no taste by itself without seasoning. Pork blood Tofu is about the same thing; a hint, if you are gonna get pbtf put lots of white pepper powder onto it.

      Oh, and IIRC, it'd actually be the uterine tube, but it's been a long while since my high school bio so I could be wrong.

    8. keuynish 92 months ago | reply

      pork blood is delicious with noodles

    9. roboppy 92 months ago | reply

      I thought I had taken a photo of the same thing, but...

      pork intestine

      It's bung. Hm. Ok.

    10. kentsis 92 months ago | reply

      joking aside, it's actually quite interesting. had it as part of taiwanese hotpot and it tastes like kidney but has a texture of liver. oops, did i just confess that i've eaten those organs too?

    11. blurb 92 months ago | reply

      Sweet sweet pork uterus...

    12. mullinks 92 months ago | reply

      EWWWWW,...but at least they don't waste ANYTHING!

    13. lia 92 months ago | reply

      i was wondering how long it would take before a whitey said "gross" or "ewwww". thirteen is the lucky number!

    14. Rob de Jonge 92 months ago | reply

      You've been to Bangkok ... it gets a lot nastier than that over here :-)

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