"old is hot, but smelly lingers"

anthony cortese, a.k.a. snowdog101, is the shit. and i love him to pieces.


you know when you get the giggles? and the stoopidest, silliest things make laugh til you pee? well, much like with my friend joe, anthony and i seem to hit the same groove when it comes to the sillies. and how do we do this? through the ubiquitous, much-loved, much-maligned text message, as we wend our separate ways into and out of manhattan, me on a train hurtling along the hudson, him on a bus from jersey.


sometimes we talk about work. sometimes we talk about life. sometimes we talk about nothing at all.


me: "i just saw the oldest woman in the universe!"

him: "she still seeing barry?"

me: "no, she ended it. the drinking, you know."

him: "he's young. he'll bounce back."

me: "he couldn't keep up with her. it's what pushed him off the wagon. well, that and the thing with the dog."

him: "the guide dog? sure. you're NEVER supposed to play with them when they're on duty. everybody knows that."

me: "well it broke barry's heart, is what it did."

him: "if he got through his ugly split with the smelliest woman in the universe he can get through anything. old is hot, but smelly lingers."

Plastic Jesus and rosefirerising faved this
  • former.ly 8y

    we all need people that make us pee our pants every single day. then the Depends department would be sold out... for a good reason. & God - smelly does linger! fo-eva.
  • Justin 8y

    you guys are odd. I love it!
  • jennifer blakeslee PRO 8y

    haha, thanks you two. and yes, we are odd. yay odd!
  • grace_tee PRO 8y

    Can't wait to visit your stream tomorrow for book highlights! Your running text dialouge is hilarious. I have a flickr friend who texts me; can't even remember how it got started. Too funny.

    Smelly lingers. Love it!
  • Esther17 8y

    fabulous. i need more of that, i think. :-)
  • bootpainter PRO 8y

    I want that on a Tshirt. OLD IS HOT BUT SMELLY LINGERS, wow, what a brilliant quote for a 50 year old perfume whore....
  • Ian A. Fraser 8y

    what a wild conversation! I love it!

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  • Lee Davenport PRO 8y

  • Anthony Cortese 8y

    Cool. That's what it looks like on your side. The envelope is a very realistic likeness of the ACTUAL envelope I send the text messages to you in.

    I have always dreamed of creating a catchphrase this classy!
  • SnapshotsUnmade PRO 8y

    very funny -- I love friends like that!!
  • Plastic Jesus PRO 8y

    Yay - 100 views and I'm the first to fave this. That makes me very happy. You mad eejits :-)
  • Terry Flick 8y

    This is hilarious!
  • ♥ [[[[ aShLeY ]]]] ♥ IS SO READY FOR HALLOWEEN 7y

    realy i do not get his at all!!
  • bootpainter PRO 7y

    I'm reading a wonderful book , "The Emperor of Scent" by Chandler Burr. Among other fascinating thingds I have read, was the memorable fact that honey and urine smell remarkably similar. Ask torbak, he's reading it too. Oh, and are any other perfume whores up for a new Whores pool?
    Fragrance Whores? Think it over. I'm off to get some toast and honey, me...
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