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Jasper at Six | by jkh_22
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Jasper at Six

...hang on, we're going up!


And growing up to be a soccer-goalie and singing-dancing-drummer in a rock band,

if all goes according to his plan. Aside from practicing those lots (in both cases,

wearing shorts and his chemise unbuttoned all the way down) Jasper still enjoys Star Wars,

Cowboy n' Indians (as he's ambivalent about their history, those are often separate games),

PlayMobll, Legos, UNO, baseball, and eating carbohydrates, especially candy, or what he

calls "sweeties".


He takes fencing lessons, makes friends easily, (mostly) "plays well" with Tallulah,

misses and talks about distant (as in, live outside of Lyon) family members,

is tender towards Maggie, but wants a dog, is in love with Elise - but since she loves

some cat named Romeo, his "amoureuse" is Emily.


Jasper gets grouchy fast if he's hungry (hmmm, Grampa?) and can imitate me imitating

a West (or East Texan) accent purty good. Equally as important, he has started to

read, and likes to draw...but NOT color within the lines.


Ouuaaaaay, that's him.


Joyeux Birthday Sunny Bug, Petit Monstre, Jasper Boyd (when he's in trouble),

or my JJ....which is to say, Just Jasper. Kid, I love you so much, and can't wait to

see what 6 makes of you. I mean, what you make of 6, bien sur.


Or, as you have reminded me several times already....this is you, going on 7.


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Taken on February 28, 2012