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    Last night's thunderstorm (May 25th, 2009) in Holland, I went out in the middle of the night to try and catch some lightning.

    At first the storm seemed to be far off in the distance. It was, however, closing in on my location.

    Tilting my camera sidewards, I was hoping to get a nice shot of some clouds lighting up. Suddenly everything was illuminated:


    An enormous impact right in front of me. Adrenaline pumping, heart pounding, boots shaking. Must've been no more than a thousand meters away.

    I hurried back to my car, seeking shelter from the now violently raging storm.

    I'll think twice before going out to catch some more lightning next time, but man, what a thrill!

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    1. bas v.d linde 112 months ago | reply

      deze is idd beter! ik dacht bij die ander dat je lens misschien vies was geworden of dat 't licht er raar in kwam ofsow.. :D maar zo is die echt erg tof!

    2. ilah  112 months ago | reply

      That looked considerably closer than 1000m away, more like less than 100m, a lot less, you were very lucky! I think you were on the beach, right, with the dunes in the background. That strike came down on the beach in front of the dunes :0 You should consider photographing lightning from inside the car, lightning can't get you in there!

      Great shot by the way but try not to risk your life next time:)

      The closest strike in this photo was 500m away from me and it's a lot further away!


    3. J.J. Verhoef 112 months ago | reply

      Well it was a big one for sure! I was on the shore, at the site where the ferry lands in Ermelo, near Harderwijk. So that's a treeline you see there, not dunes.

      There's a bigger chance to be hit by a bus than to be hit by lightning, unless you're in an open field, waving around long pointy metal sticks. That all doesn't take away the fact that it was indeed, a very close call, too close for comfort :)

    4. Annemiek Smit 112 months ago | reply

      when god said: 'let there be light!'
      chuck norris said: 'say please'

    5. overt fold [deleted] 112 months ago | reply

      Ouch! I love lightningbolts but, gosh, that's much of thrilling...
      You were really lucky, man! Still alive and with a great shot!

      Good job and be careful next time :)

    6. Robert P Baxter 112 months ago | reply

      @ilah2001: His guess at the lightning being about 1000m is a lot more accurate than 100m. It might be a little closer, like 700-1000m, but I know what it's like to have lightning strike at 100m. The flash was simply too much for the camera:

      100 yards away

    7. AngelaC2009*** 112 months ago | reply

      Fantastic shot! It reminds me of one I saw but didn't capture last year when I was in Indiana which was large, wide, and once it hit, scary as anything. I was shaking in my shoes, too; at least I only had to go back inside my apartment before the storm hit!

    8. littlecynicism 112 months ago | reply

      Craaazy! Great work!

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