Healing Garden for Chamchamal
The healing garden for Chamchamal is a project by the Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights.

Over time, this album will be filled with impressions from the construction of the healing garden.

The project:

In the healing garden, children, youth and women will find creative forms of therapy to process traumatic life experiences and re-learn social structures that have been destroyed by decades of terror, torture and subsequent domestic violence. Forms of therapy encompass garden therapy and animal-assisted therapy.

The project is supported by Misereor, the Foundation Wings of Hope and Ein Herz für Kinder, as well as through private donations.

The planning of the landscape and stable architecture is being done by the award-winning architecture firm Ziegert | Roswag | Seiler Architekten Ingenieure.

The location:

Chamchamal (Kurdistan-Iraq) and the surrounding villages have seen continuous violence, persecution, forced displacement and disappearance, and the destruction of livelihoods for three consecutive generations. The city and neighbouring villages were completely destroyed by war. This has resulted in inter-generational traumatization, which severely affects the children and youth in this region. Domestic violence and mental as well as physical disabilities of children are above average. To counter the associated effects the Jiyan Foundation proposes a therapeutic garden for children, teenager and women.

If you wish to support this project, please visit www.jiyan-foundation.org/get-involved/donate

For more information about the Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights, please visit www.jiyan-foundation.org
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