Chambered Nautilus Shell - detail

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    Some of the greatest mathematical minds of all ages, from Pythagoras and Euclid in ancient Greece, through the medieval Italian mathematician Leonardo of Pisa (Fibonacci) and the Renaissance astronomer Johannes Kepler, to present-day scientific figures such as Oxford physicist Roger Penrose, have spent endless hours over this simple ratio and its properties. But the fascination with the Golden Ratio is not confined just to mathematicians. Biologists, artists, musicians, historians, architects, psychologists, and even mystics have pondered and debated the basis of its ubiquity and appeal. In fact, it is probably fair to say that the Golden Ratio has inspired thinkers of all disciplines like no other number in the history of mathematics.

    Mario Livio, The Golden Ratio: The Story of Phi, The World's Most Astonishing Number

    See also this short movie which does a nice job of explaining the shell's relationship to Fibonacci by using animation

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    1. biotron 65 months ago | reply

      marvellous :)

    2. jerryfi_99 65 months ago | reply

      That's an interesting shot. Thanks.

    3. snoweagle1626 49 months ago | reply

      Hi; I'm an author and am looking for a good pix of a nautilus shell to demonstrate the Fibonacci concept. Could I use your photo? Julie

    4. jitze 49 months ago | reply


      I sent you a reply by Flickrmail - I'd be happy if you can use this picture

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      Thank you for sharing this great shot under Creative Commons license.

      I have used it in my non-profit, ads free blog - Travelogue of an Armchair Traveller and have given due credit to you.

    6. VellemanTutor 39 months ago | reply

      Thank you for sharing this beautiful shot. Can I use it on my math tutoring webpage? My goal is to inspire teens to stick with their higher math studies and help them become more confident mathematicians.


    7. jitze 39 months ago | reply

      @VellemanTutor - Absolutely, I'd be delighted if you could use it and maybe inspire some budding Feinman!

    8. parfitt123 34 months ago | reply

      Great photo, thanks! I used it here

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