Colonial Style - Dairy Flat, Auckland

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    Single exposure with multiple 580EX II inside the house triggered by IR.

    1. Charles Lynch 63 months ago | reply

      Was the sky replaced as well? Nicely done if it was, the exterior light just looks like it was a little overcast...

      Nice work lighting it up for an exterior shot, it does open the interior up nicely and it is worth it for this particular property with such a large expansive deck.

      I'd usually try and avoid having any pets such as dogs just in case vendors have allergies etc, but the labrador(?) suits the shot.

    2. JiriNZ 63 months ago | reply

      to Charles: good spotting, yes the sky has been replaced, it was too white for me. It is difficult make those flashes work as I am limited only to IR, which is very unreliable and on a sunny day you can't use it at all. Still waiting for Radiopoppers JRX made for AUS/NZ market. The dog has to be there, that was an order from the agent. btw the house has been sold within 2 week since it was listed.

    3. jon54 63 months ago | reply

      Bravely done accepting the challenge of lighting the inside. Lighting only one room would have looked odd. How many strobes did you plant...3?
      The middle room looks a little bright but all in all, totally worth the extra effort.

    4. JiriNZ 63 months ago | reply

      to jon54: I only had 3 flashes available so one in dining (left) one in living (right) and one on camera to trigger the other two. Lucky it was a cloudy day. On a sunny day I can only go to 1/200 but the aperture goes around 16 , then the flashes inside can't do the work.

    5. jadave 63 months ago | reply

      Jiri, nice work on the indoor flash, must give it a try. Well done on the sky replacement, only nitpic is the towel on the chair, to me it looks untidy

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