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海桐生蛇菰 Balanophora tobiracola Makino | by 王錦堯 (キラ)
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海桐生蛇菰 Balanophora tobiracola Makino

Balanophora tobiracola Makino, Bot. Mag. (Tokyo) 24(287): 290-292, f. 18. 1910.



Balanophora wrightii Makino, Bot. Mag. (Tokyo) 25: 33. 1911.


Family Balanophoraceae 蛇菰科 ツチトリモチ科


Chinese name: 海桐生蛇菰

Japanese name: キイレツチトリモチ(喜入土鳥黐)


This species was distributed from Kyusyu (九州), Ōsumi Islands (大隅諸島), Uji Islands (宇治群島), Tokara Islands (トカラ列島), Amami Islands (奄美群島), Okinawa Islands (沖縄諸島), Miyako Islands (宮古列島), Yaeyama Islands (八重山諸島), to Taiwan (台灣).

In Taiwan, it is a vulnerable species (VU) which be found in low altitude forests.


This picture was taken in Taroko National Park, Taiwan.




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Taken on November 15, 2013