Cowley Road Pavement Jewellery
A Flickr set covering the pavement jewellery created for Fusion arts in Oxford.

"Pavement Jewellery is a series of 58 bronze ingots laid into the pavement reflecting the unique history and evolution of the road as a kind of time capsule for the collective knowledge of the local community for future generations and features a permanent puzzle to be uncovered through a dialogue with and between the local population.

Created by artists Liam Curtin, Katy Beinart, Gerard Hanson, Emily Fuller, Helen MacKeith, Emma Reynard and Jane Walton, the work involved a range of creative approaches to find unique titbits of knowledge, diverse personal and social histories, odd facts and evolutions, which were creatively rendered into iconic images about the road's history and character.

Each ingot presents a puzzle to figure out its meaning and each ingot has a pair. Find all 28 pairs then you can try to figure out a hidden quote that connects them, which has a special significance to the area."

Or, y'know, just enjoy spotting odd bits as you walk down the road of a weekend.

ETA: I seem to have missed about 5 ingots - will update as I find the ones that I missed first time around.

ETA 14 Sept 2009 3 missing: one after no. 11 on Princes St, one after no. 46 (jockey), and possibly one at the fountain?

ETA 20 Dec 2009 only one missing now - added one from the fountain and one that is out of the original order - skakeboarder, outside SS20. The missing one is a hummingbird, labelled "Steel Tempter"; thought to be hidden under scaffolding currently.
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