MP-E 64 (MP-E 65*)
Extreme macro images from an optics construction I made, which is similar to a Canon MP-E 65. My bodge job though can be used by APSC DSLRs of any brand, be it Pentax, Nikon, Sony, whatever.

The Canon MP-E 65 is an extreme macro lens costing about $1500 that has a fantastic macro range, from 1:1 to 5:1. It is without peer in the insect macro world. The absolute buggeration is that it's only available in Canon mount, no lens manufacturer of camera marque has had the nouse to make something similar. Idiots.

I'm calling my lens the MP-E 64, and the specs I've set myself are as follows:

- Must be usable on any mount
- Must zoom in insect range (ie 1:2 to 4:1)
- Must be easy to construct by anyone
- Must have incam aperture control
- Must have a better working distance than Canon MP-E 65
- Must permit fast flash recharge times (ie 1/16 or so) in conjunction with a low ISO setting using a nice diffused light diffuser, not bare flash
- Must not have a dark viewfinder
- Must have IQ 'acceptable' at 2000px size
- Must have constant flash (ie no need to manually change flash setting when zooming to 3:1 from 1:2)
- Must allow TTL, PTTL, rear sync etc
- Must be affordable

These are some of the photos taken with it to date; when I'm satisfied with it I'll put up the full details of how to make it.
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