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Honey Bee

Quick refresher stack of a honey bee head after a 2 month absence away from stacking. Slightly experimental insofar that instead of using the 4 star JPG save setting on my camera, I used the 3 star (to speed up the processing). Am trying to work out if it makes a lot of difference in eventual quality... let me know... thx!


Technical, preserved specimen, rear curtain sync; 72 photos into 8 sub stacks using zerene stacker, retouched from Dmap composite, finished off with CS4, NoiseNinja & Topaz Detail. Step size of 120µm, polystyrene chip cone diffuser. Resized to reduce noise. El-Nikkor 50mm f/2.8 enlarger lens reversed on slightly more than flat bellows so about 1:1 ish, @ f/5.6. 4 (!) flashes @1/32 perpendicular @12, 2,6 &10 o clock. Took me about 6 hrs or so start to finish, very rusty remembering all the steps and getting all the stuff set up again!


Full size:


Nice, thank you! #51 Explore, 2 September 2012


UPDATE 2014 - I have put together an extreme macro photography learning site to explain the techniques and equipment used for all my macro photos here in Flickr which is now ready. To point to a few of the links that people who want to learn this stuff might like to have a browse of:


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