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Elephant Hawkmoth | by Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel
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Elephant Hawkmoth

One of the more colourful moths in the UK, the elephant hawkmoth closely resembles its smaller cousin the small elephant hawkmoth. Most people arn't aware of just how stunning the stuff that flies around our gardens at night actually is... and I know moths give some people the creeps but if you think of this as a harmless fat furry butterfly then basically that's all it is. Did you know, for example, that there are 100s and 100s of moth types in the UK, but only 50 or so butterfly types? Moths is where it's at =)


Moth traps are a tremendously worthwhile way to both engender a love of nature into children and to simply observe moths for yourself. On a timer they're very convenient - put one out half an hour before dusk and let the light run until just before dawn. Then open it up and see what surprises are in there that night. There are various types available but I'd recommend the round Robinson trap having built and used all types. They're not all that hard to build but you can also buy one at ALS -


Technical: this was taken from a moth trap using my homemade MP-E 65 project, flash@1/32 from above using oiled paper diffuser. Not too awful a result, you can at least see some texture in the creature. I would like to know people's opinion regarding the resolution/pic IQ please, for a macro lens doing 2:3. Acceptable? And on a slightly different note, this is also the first photo uploaded with the new Pentax K-5 that I now have, only 2 years late, but rather splendid it is too =).


Large @2000px:


For more details of this MP-E64 "mpe65 for any brand of camera", please visit

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Taken on June 13, 2012