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Um pequeno intervalo nas fotos de Cuba. Desde 1981, quando foi transferido dos EUA, este atol, Roncador Bank, é oficialmente um pedacinho da Colômbia. Pertence ao Arquipélago de San Andrés, embora fique a 140km da Isla da Providência e a 215km de Ilha San Andrés. Para ter uma ideia da escala, a ilhota minúscula à esquerda da foto é Cayo Roncador: tem 4 metros de altura e mede aproximadamente 600m x 300m. É difícil passar férias lá, pois precisa da autorização da Marinha Colombiana. Se, porém, consegue chegar lá, poderá se hospedar em uma de várias casas parcialmente arruinadas que foram construidas pelos americanos durante a Crise dos mísseis de Cuba.

No, this isn't Cuba. Since 1981, when it was transferred from the USA, Roncador Bank, this small atoll lost in the Caribbean, is officially a piece of Colombia. It belongs to the San Andrés archipelago, even though it's 140km from the achipelago's nearest inhabited island - Isla de Providencia, and 215km from Isla San Andrés. To get some idea of scale, the small island to the left of the photo (see note) is Cayo Roncador: it's 4m high, 600m long and 300m wide. I wouldn't even think of going there on holiday, at least not without permission from the Colombian Navy. If, however, you manage to disembark on the atoll, you can maybe find refuge in the lighthouse or one of several abandoned houses built on Cayo Roncador by the Americans during the Cuban missile crisis.

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  1. __Adriana__ 87 months ago | reply

    Que paraiso!!!

  2. Rodrigo Perez 87 months ago | reply

    o negócio é nadar até lá em segredo!

  3. okbmarcus 87 months ago | reply

    Que imagem fantástica! O texto também ficou muito bom!!


  4. <wikd> 87 months ago | reply

    Terrific composition.

  5. Jim Skea 87 months ago | reply

    Para quem estiver interessado, localizei o atol no mapa de Yahoo. Pode ver onde fica pelo link à direita. Repare que Yahoo! acha que a foto foi batida "num lugar sem nome!"

    For those who are interested, I've placed the photo on Yahoo's world map, so you can see its location from the map link in the Additional Information on the right. Note that Yahoo! thinks it was "Taken in a place with no name"!

  6. ABMJG 87 months ago | reply

    Another fine accomplishment
    Thanks again for sharing part of your life with the rest of the world

    You're on my list


  7. OneEighteen 87 months ago | reply

    When I was a young sailor, before the age of GPS, we used to set course close to Roncador and it's companion Quita Sueño so we would be able to check our position on the radar if it was too cloudy for celestial. The names mean "Snorer" and "Takes Away Sleep" which I always associated with the sound of surf in the distance. We tried not to get that close though. A bright spot on the radar at 12 miles was enough for me.

    Thanks for posting the photo. I never saw them from this angle.

  8. Lesstimeonlinein09 [deleted] 87 months ago | reply

    I love the "taken in a place with no name" data.

  9. Manny A 87 months ago | reply

    interesting photo and story
    Post the Alphabet
    The World Through My Eyes

  10. Miss_M 87 months ago | reply

    Glad I came by, this is all very interesting. And the atoll looks stunning!
    Seen in a discussion of The World Through My Eyes - Post 1 / Comment Any 1. (?)

  11. Jim Skea 87 months ago | reply

    Thanks everyone. We flew over this in both directions between Panama City and Havana. It took me quite some time to find out exactly what piece of land it was. The plane flies over another (even more distant) reef in the same archipelago. Since that one's larger, I didn't manage to photograph it all, but I may upload a photo later.

  12. BibousGum 87 months ago | reply

    que maravilha de foto !

  13. Fabio (Fagu) Costa 87 months ago | reply

    cara, que coisa linda!

  14. Cris\/\/\ 87 months ago | reply

    "o negócio é nadar até lá em segredo!"
    hahahahahhah!!!!!!! é vero!!!

    lindo é apelido!!!

  15. Bruno Guberfain do Amaral 87 months ago | reply

    Podia ter o link no google maps para o local...

  16. Murfomurf 87 months ago | reply

    Wow- that's interesting and looks good as well. I love quirky pieces of info like this and I'll remember it forever even though its quite useless to me, LOL!

  17. Jim Skea 87 months ago | reply

    @Bruno: . Obrigado pela sugestão. Como é que faço isso? Preciso instalar Google Earth?
    @Murfomurf: my brain works the same way with useless information. The US originally claimed the island under the Guano Act.

  18. Rach0409 87 months ago | reply

    Very interesting Jim, and OneEighteen too. Lovely shot.

  19. Alexandro Auler 86 months ago | reply

    altos picos de mergulho!!!!!!

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