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Angel shining bright | by It's life Jim....
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Angel shining bright

More fun with lights this evening.... combo of Strobist stuff as well as light painting.


The more astute amongst you will realise this is not a self portrait..... I used to look like this 30 years ago, but now I'm more of a party keg guy than a six pack guy. (Although compared to most 50 yr old folk I still look fairly fit so happy enough with my body). This is my younger son Sebe.... Luckily quite happy to pose half-nekkid at night in October in the UK (the young are hardy & foolish).


Strobist Info: Bowens GM200 1 ft behind & 6 ft to either side of subject. Both on full power. Triggered by Cactus triggers at start of the 30 sec exposure. Light trails with a hand flashlight triggered by muscle.


As usual, some learning experiences when doing a new technique. I really should have worked out a way to keep his arms still..... initial flash captured him, but during the 30 second long light painting his arms moved slightly & they look a bit thin as a result. Next time I will use some thin black thread for him to tense against & keep arms in absolute position.


OK, so hit quite a few themes with this one.....

FGR - Alien Light Forms

Bench Monday

TOTW - Love your body (I do, but envious of my son's)

Musically Challenged - As chosen by Pikespice.


The song is Halloween by Helloween - supposedly from the 80's so I ought to remember it, but I don't.... of course metal wasn't my thing then (or now). Long long lyrics, so here's the section that is relevant.



I can see a Light comin'

It's comin' nearer

It's shining

It's shining so bright

It's shining on me


I am the one, doom 's in my hands

Now make your choice,

redeemed or enslaved


I'll show you passion ang glory

He Is the snake

I'll give you power and abundance

He's the corrupter of man


Save me from the evil one

Give me strength to carry on

I will fight for all mankind's

deliverance and peace of mind

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Taken on October 4, 2010