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Hi all,

This is the third image from the Halcyon set I am working on. I felt with the two sunbeams coming around on either side of the mountain and meeting on the shore, that this would be a good candidate to be named Harmony. So far I've completed Serenity, Tranquility and now, Harmony. I'm almost half way to having the set completed and hopefully, if they make the grade, I'll have some premium prints made for exhibition. Just for a local thing as they are all images of places local to my town, but I'd still be happy with that. I don't really want to get too involved at this point in my life anyway. I'm retired and enjoying life, and I always need time for my first priority, family. And a few other things. (smile)


Have some great news to tell my friends! The other day, we paid off our house. Woo hoo, what a feeling. I know many of you already have done so and I've envied you guys and gals, for quite some time. What a nice, secure feeling it is. My wife and I worked hard for a long time to finally see this day and it sure feels good. (smile) We've been thinking of doing it for the last four months or so, and now that we see so much financial uncertainty and the radical way the new administration is determined to govern, we figured we would do it now and have the security of owning it outright and have it out of the way.. I realize that may not be a very popular point of view to some because the nation appears to believe that if you don't like what the current president is doing, that you must love Bush. One or the other. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is a third choice that is gaining popularity and that's where I fit in. I think they both have harmed this country immensely in their own ways and our children too, and neither one of them is worth a damn. There has to be someone, somewhere out there that isn't so extreme to either side. Someone in the middle that just wants to be fair and reasonable. We never seem to get any good choices to pick from on voting day. Anyway, don't hate me just because I don't agree with our current White House, because I didn't always agree with the last one either. Well, so much for politics. We are all photographers and love the craft and on flickr that is what matters most. We all have that in common. For all of my wonderful friends I've made here over the last few years, I don't really care who you voted for. LOL I just enjoy your friendship and your images.

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Taken on April 11, 2009