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Tower Falls, Yellowstone August 1973

Tower Falls, Yellowstone National Park, August, 1973 — Do you remember what you were doing in August 1973? I do. As a freshman in high-school I was photographing Yellowstone.


Here's the only picture I still have from this trip. I used a Pentax ES. Why on earth would I be shooting with a Pentax ES. It's fairly simple.


Shooting at a newspaper I had the top Nikons and the Canons available. I was told to buy the camera of my choice. Now to be fair, I selected the Pentax 6x7. I was quickly shot down. Mind you, the person who taught me how to shoot shot a 4x5 Speed Graflex, so I didn't think my request was that far out of line.


So I resorted to the worlds first SLR camera with a through-the-lens (TTL) aperture priority control. Pentax also introduced the Super-Multi Coating (SMC) system for their lenses. It made a huge difference. I could have chosen the Spotmatic, but I liked how the ES worked better.


This photo was shot on TRI-X film, developed with D-76, and printed to 11x14 on Agfa paper which is what newspapers used mostly back then. The lens was my one and only 50mm. The camera went with me everywhere I went.


You might wonder how I can remember the date so well. Now that's easy. My parents were in the trailer listening to the Watergate Senate hearings at the time. They kept telling me that I was missing history. Mostly I went out and took photos!

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Taken in August 1973