U2 360º Tour - Nashville,TN - 07/02/2011
U2 360º Tour - Nashville,TN - Vanderbilt Stadium - 07/02/2011

My photos from an amazing U2 show! I was in the inner circle, back rail on The Edge's side of the stage. All of these are from a point and shoot camera so some are not great photos but not too bad overall. Can't do too much about the noise/over exposure. Cleaned up what I could in post. They get better toward the middle of the set. I didn't bring my Canon 7D because it's too bulky and I wanted to enjoy the show. This was the 100th show of the 360º Tour. Also it was the show where Bono brought a blind guitar player up from the crowd to play All I Want Is You. Best moment I have witnessd at any concert.

My video of that moment here:
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