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In The Moment - Rodeo Beach, California

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I get this email from Patrick Smith. "Yo, Jim, the storm could break at sunset. Get your butt up to San Francisco."


I look out my window and it's raining. I think "Yeah, right! Drive for almost two hours for this?!?!"


But it's Patrick Smith, landscaper extraordinaire, so I give it some more thought. What the heck, I'm heading to San Francisco!


As I'm leaving town, I call Steve Landeros, aka maxxsmart. I shot with him on Thursday, and his cell number was sitting at the top of my phone. "Yo, Steve, the storm could break at sunset. Patrick Smith says so."


Steve replies "Yeah, right!"


I convince him otherwise, and we meet above Marshall's Beach, south of the Golden Gate bridge. It's now 4pm and sunset is less than an hour away. Golden beams of light are breaking through the clouds off shore. My photographic juices are flowin' big time. I'm thinking, "Let's go!" Steve is casually discussing the options in detail, showing me sunset angles, azimuths, latitudes, longitudes on his fancy iPhone.


I point to the golden sunbeams, and say "those look good". Steve agrees, and off to Rodeo Beach north of the Golden Gate we go.


We hustle out to the beach, I rip off my shoes and socks, going full "toes to the sand" style. We set up, just as the sun is dipping below one cloud bank to the next. Three minutes into the shoot, I get this shot. Truly, living in the moment.


Nikon D300

Nikkor 12-24mm @ 13mm

1 sec @ f22, ISO 100

Singh-Ray 3-stop Reverse GND Filter

Lee. 6 Hard Stop GND Filter

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Taken on December 13, 2009