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City at Night - San Francisco Bay Bridge, California

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Met up with maxxsmart and MattGranz the other night to shoot a vantage point, that while once was unique, certainly is being shot with a tad more frequency. Still, it was my first time there and the view was gorgeous.


The overcast sky, and occasional sprinkles, didn't dampen my spirit, but it did dampen my camera gear. I would love to have shot this on an evening with a more interesting sky, but hey, you can't have it all, al the time. I'll just have to try it again some time.


Thanks guys for the fun night out!


Nikon D300

Nikkor 35-70mm @ 35mm (two shots stitched, I don't have a lens that goes between 24-35mm, the gaping hole in my focal lengths and it would have come in handy).

1 min @ f13, ISO 200

Lee .6 Hard GND filter

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Taken on May 28, 2012