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Hole In The Wall Beach - Davenport, California

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Panther Beach had been somewhat of an anomaly for me. There is a cove just south of Davenport that I've been to a handful of times to shoot, and I mistakenly had been calling it Panther Beach due to some photos on Flickr labeling it such, albeit incorrectly. Turns out that cove is often called Shark Fin Cove, or Shark Tooth Cove or beach. Something like that. Anyway, I had been set straight by a couple of people, and I wanted to locate the "real deal".


Driving home from a sunrise shoot up at Pescadero State Beach, I stopped off at a dirt pull out that I had wanted to explore. And after seeing a nice opening in the cliff, I knew I was at Panther Beach proper. This is a popular spot it turns out. You can tell by the numerous large blackened areas in the sand from campfires and the profuse amount of trash. Both times I've collected quite a bit, mostly the plastic stuff to help do my part. I am very disappointed that there are no trash cans at the top or bottom of the path, as I'm sure that would help out. Hmm, maybe I need to write a letter.


On to the shoot. Knowing that rain is coming for a couple days, I felt my best opportunity for some nice sunset shots would be tonight. I got up to the beach late, and quickly found a spot I liked. I really liked how the waves were crashing against the outside rock and streaming off. I also liked how the foreground rock seemed to be pointing towards the sunset. There is so much potential here, I plan on coming back for more. I'll be sure to carry a bag or two for the trash collection on the way out.


Update 02/05/09: Thanks to my contact, surfwax, I now stand corrected. This shot is from Hole In The Wall Beach. Panther Beach is the beach north of the hole. I guess Panther Beach eludes me again! That's ok, I'll get there eventually.


Nikon D300

Tokina 11-16mm @ 12mm (borrowed from my girlfriend)

0.8sec @ f11, ISO 160

B+W Polarizer

Lee .9 Soft and .6 Hard ND Grad Filters

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Taken on February 5, 2009