This senior lady lost her person and now lives with us. It's been pretty harrowing for her, going from life in a single-cat home to our menagerie. Plus she caught giardia and is only now getting over it. She loves to sleep in the bed with us, and is slowly incorporating into the household.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Gilda has been diagnosed with kidney disease and is now on subcutaneous fluid therapy. We're doing everything we can to keep her spirits up but for a cat with trust issues this is the last thing she needs. But she is taking it well and I think it is making her feel better.

UPDATE: Gilda's fluid therapy is helping! She is more active and friendly now, and she's eating better too. We know we may never find a home for her but perhaps some kind soul will see her and want to bring her into their lives. We don't mind holding onto her until then.
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