The Release of Edmund Dantes
Named for the long-suffering Count of Monte Cristo who eventually escapes and seeks his vengeance. Hmm, maybe we'll change his name to Bingo or something.

Anyway, he is a feral from Staten Island who could not return to his former 'home.' So we took him in and assimilated him into our ragtag colony. He's just been released and is showing good progress, making friends with the other ferals and coming around to eat a few times a day. He finds us humans utterly repulsive, however, and bolts every time we so much as make eye contact!

UPDATE: Edmund is one of the boys these days, he still runs when we get too close but that distance is much smaller than it used to be. He really ties the colony together, making nice with all the usuals plus any new cats that come by. He's very energetic and social, even though his age was conservatively estimated at 9 (ancient for a feral). Now that he's safe in our yard, let's hope he has many more years ahead of him!
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